dead poet collaboration

recently i gave a poetry assignment to my 4th and 8th graders.
doing this project gave me the opportunity to revisit poems i had not read in years and learn about the stories behind them, from the poet’s point of view.
at the same time, i happened to come across this website –
the idea was really cool and i decided to collaborate with some of the poets from the project. my undying gratitude for their borrowed words. should i be a bit worried that my contribution is not as enlightened as their original thoughts?
nah….. it makes for an interesting picture. i’ve been obsessed with anatomy lately. the human heart is beautiful and frightening at once i think. a dove, of course, is synonymous with hope, but they can be a little scary too, hitchcock anyone?

the first two lines are emily’s, the rest are mine. more to come…
Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul,
pecking out your heart
until it’s bloody and raw.

until every breath you take
threatens to split you in two,
and every fearless dream
becomes a roseate nightmare.

watercolor, pencil, sharpie

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