Hold the Ball – a community event

yesterday a group of  community organizations, including xmental inc. participated in an event incorporating a basketball tournament, music, art and performances at potomac playground.

from our press release – 

August 7th-14 The Think Tank will launch its anti violence initiative called “Hold The Ball”/ 7Days of Peace and empowerment at Potomac Park in Brooklyn The mission is to show other basketball park programs how to implement a plan to keep your parks and the community, safe.


here are some pics of the artwork we created while painting live at the event. it was great having the kids come up and ask “who is that?”,  or “how do you do that?” they were really interested in the answers and were able to do some amazing painting of their own. events like this help to connect everyone and remind us that we are more alike than we are different.

i started the malcolm x portrait specifically with this quote in mind because i felt that he articulated what we should all be striving for. as much as our cultures and traditions enrich our lives, they can also divide us, and that’s a shame. because, in the end, we are all human beings first.

enjoy the work of these really talented artists and please check out their pages, thanks for dropping by ♥

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