Halsey Street Dreamway Mural Update

Really excited to be a part of this community project! Enjoyed a great write up and some really nice pics of our work posted at the Arts in Bushwick blog. It’s been an amazing experience working on such a huge project. It’s not done yet, so I’ll start hoping for an early spring to finish it.

For the past three weeks I’ve been heading over to Bushwick, quite close to where I live actually, to contribute a little color and surrealism to a really long blank wall. The artist organizing the project, Moira Williams has a great vision for this space. It involves art, music, dance, storytelling, gardening and just about anything else she can come up with. The best part is that the neighborhood really seems to be excited about seeing all the artwork go up and they have been super supportive  and encouraging. It’s pretty humbling to be sitting on the ground, headphones plugged in, painting away and have someone tap you on the shoulder to say “Thank you, that’s beautiful.” I look forward to seeing those same people participating in the events that will be scheduled starting in Spring of 2014. 

Last Sunday , a group called  Halsey Street Kids set up their drums and mics on a flat bed truck parked at the curb and filmed their video with the mural as a backdrop, people stopped to chat and take pictures and after the clouds rolled in and the rain spit out of the sky, we were rewarded with a double rainbow. A blessing from the universe? Maybe. I’m just happy I’m getting to do what I love to do.

You can read the full article at the Arts in Bushwick blog here – 


all photos by – Christian Finbar Kelly 

mural by patty eljaiek

patty eljaiek

hard at work


Ralphy Tatuxmen Perez

Ralphy Tatuxmen Perez

Sien Ide

Sien Ide

Halsey Street Kids

Halsey Street Kids

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