“Don’t Pull a Philly!”

That’s what my friend, mentor and “boss” Ralphy “Tatu” Perez said as I was explaining that I wanted to change quite a large piece of my mural. At 3 p.m., when the sun starts to go down around 4:30.  Our friend Phil, whom I have known since he was 6,  has a habit of editing as he works.  We love him, but he makes us crazy. I was taking a walk in his shoes….

Have you ever  baked a cake?  You mix it all up, pour it into the pan, bake it until the aroma fills the house, then you wait until it finally cools down enough so you can frost it? Maybe add some sprinkles? Then, as you put it on the decorative plate, you see that one side is a little lopsided, or you missed a spot of frosting, or maybe there are more sprinkles on one side than the other? Now, that’s all you can see…..

The lopsided gear was making me nuts, flames were the only element missing, so here they are 🙂

Now,  I can eat my cake.

a spark done for the winter

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