love in vain

from robert crumb to robert johnson, my friend’s fb post took me on quite a little journey today….
without the cigarette
it started out innocently enough with a post from my friend stephen, of an interview with r. crumb. in this interview, he spoke about his love of early authentic american music. that site led me to an interview with john fogerty about the epiphany he had while visiting johnson’s grave. on that very page, there was a quote from langston hughes about the blues. a beautiful paragraph that was part of a letter he wrote to carl van vechten.
all the while this one photo of johnson kept popping up in my head, not that there are many to choose from. i have not put pencil or brush to paper in almost a month, until today. my first attempt was rusty so i did what any good artist does and flipped the paper over and started again. the result is above.
strangely enough, my daughter just called from chicago, where she is living, and when i asked her to check out my portrait, she mentioned that she had been listening to johnson for the past month. the apple does not fall far from the tree……
let me know what you think.
did i capture a feeling? hit or miss? 
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