Basement Art Sessions by Invitation

As artists, we all know we have to make things happen for ourselves. My friend an amazing artist and art hustler, has monthly “artists process” happenings. During warm months she arranged whole day events at 5 Pointz, the now defunct graffitti mecca. In the winter she uses a basement, across from her own apartment in the Bronx. Get a password, call when you are downstairs. Through the gates, up the wrought iron staircase, into a labyrinth of back alley courtyards that lead to the rave space under unsuspecting families enjoying their Saturday evening dinner. It was a flashback of hanging out,  huddled in the courtyards behind the storefronts on Steinway Street in beautiful downtown Astoria, NY.

This evening’s canvases were primed hollow doors. I had spent all day trying to figure out just what I would be painting and inspiration finally struck while I was finishing yet another remnant portrait.

Sometimes people  are amazed that at my age I would go to all that trouble, travel and work (their words not mine) to paint on a hollow door that will be painted over for next month’s cast of characters. I have to admit, choosing to do a portrait of Marc Bolan, in the middle of a group of 20 and 30 somethings can be depressing. They though it was Slash…..but they vowed to Google TRex, so at least I exposed them to an original.

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We have to make our own moments…..

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