Stylus? We don’t need no stinkin’ stylus!

So let’s not use a stylus. We’re going to use the best pointing device in the world. We’re going to use a pointing device that we’re all born with – born with ten of them. We’re going to use our fingers. We’re going to touch this with our fingers. And we have invented a new technology called multi-touch, which is phenomenal. It works like magic. Steve Jobs


Recently, a friend commissioned some sketches to illustrate his original musical pieces.My first thought was to reach for a pencil and attempt to get myself in the mood. Soon it became apparent that these images were not be found at the end of a no.6 Staedtler. Out came the ipad, straight to harmony drawing -(
Now you have to understand, I am no fan of digital art. My usual response to a new Photoshop or Illustrator “masterpiece” is “If you can do it with a pencil or a brush, you should.” Not that there aren’t many amazingly talented digital artists out there but sometimes it feels like pencils and brushes are considered as quaint as a crochet tea cozy. Perhaps I exaggerate, but you get my drift.
A few weeks ago, at an arts club meeting, there was even talk of having a “digital artist” do a live painting event. They asked if I too used tools to create digital works, I said yes, and held up my finger. In retrospect, that might have seemed a bit condescending and I probably should have apologized. However, I honestly, up to that point have only ever used my finger (occasionally two).
In any event, these are the pieces I created using the amazingly awesome harmony drawing procedural app that works with one , or two very fancy fingers. Honestly, it makes every doodle look good!

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P.S. I did give in and buy a super slim stylus…just for those times when my fabulous fingers are not enough 😉
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