Featured Artist: Patty Eljaiek

looking forward to being a part of this!

Astoria Art Festival


  • My favorite artists are: Edward Burne Jones, Alexander Calder and my uncle, James Lallemand
  • Right now my work is: evolving….I have pushed myself out of my comfort zone in the last 5 years; enjoying using new materials and exploring all the creative outlets I can.
  • I love Queens because: It is my home. I arrived in Long Island City in 1964 and have never lived anywhere else. Every borough holds memories.
  • When I was a kid: I was super shy and quiet! Hard to reconcile that version of me with who I am now.  I was also lucky to be born into a family of artists who made celebrating creativity an everyday event.
  • I find inspiration in : absolutely everything. Words are the most inspiring, but anything can create a connection to a new image.
  • Do:  teach your children that art matters and is for everyone.
  • Don’t: stunt or stifle anyone’s creativity…

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