Miltown Movie Life

Milltown Movie Life

Vintage Movie Life magazines continue to inspire. Mixed media on burlap canvas; ephemera, embroidery, collage.

It’s amazing what the ads looked like in 1950. It was all about reducing, controlling and removing. The messages we receive today are not all that different, only the words may have changed but the intent remains.

Miltown, a popular drug prescribed in the 1950’s for housewives set the stage for using medication to “treat” a laundry list of perceived ills. They did more harm than good. Women have been told that their lives, their feelings, their expectations are things to be “treated” way before Miltown, and it continues to this day.

Here is more info –

The Crisis of Psychoanalysis and the Miltown Resolution – Jonathan Metzl

Here Lady Take Some Pills for your Hysteria –     Taylor Prewitt

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