The New Normal Past and Future Meet for the USPS


This project has really gotten big!! Thanks to artist Christina Massey, collaborations have been exhibited all over the country. I am so proud to be even a small part of such a massive undertaking and grateful that artists are coming together to create change for them selves and others.

Here are some more of my collaborations and a link to the website for the USPS Art Project –

Twiggy goes postal and pandemic masks for the masses.

There is a great mail art campaign going on right  now to benefit the US Postal Service. Artists are collaborating with other artists and using the postal service to send each other the individual pieces to finish. Learn more here – USPS art project on Instagram

Sort of like an exquisite corps with out the parlor.

My friend Maria Spector @mariaspectorart and I collaborated to create a mixed media, hand embroidered piece that depicts the 60’s icon as a member of the new normal, pandemic mask and all.

I had been aware of the project so when Maria asked me to collaborate, I thought we would be a perfect fit. I embroidered the design leaving room for the silhouette I chose and knew, would work with Maria’s aesthetic. Her gouache painting of the model along with her mod USPS print mini dress completed the work perfectly!


As she was receiving my embroidered hoop, I received her Pandemic Face Mask Order Form along with an inspiring illustration. My first thought was to fill the order, once again bringing the past into a new normal future. Here is the finished collaboration – Lipton Tea dyed paper and envelope, gouache, ink and a hand embroidered mask for my Gibson Girl.


Both of these beauties are getting ready to make their way to the first stop of a traveling exhibit.

Let’s do our part to make sure snail mail is still around for another 100 years.

Here’s how to start your own collaboration –


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